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Movie Exorcisms

Jewish Exorcism in The Possession (2012)

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Deliver Us From Evil (2014) - Jungler Demon

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Eric Bana watched real exorcism tapes to prepare for Deliver Us From Evil

Monday, July 7, 2014

What does Deliver Us From Evil tell us about demonic possession?

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Deliver Us From Evil is a new exorcism movie in movie theaters right now. This occult movie builds a backstory on Demon Jungler to advance the plot. We need to see a source of this demon to understand its influence on the possessed people it harms. Deliver Us From Evil conveys a hidden message.

Demonic possession is on the rise. The tormented souls of the past are returning to possess the living of now. These demons want what they can't have - to return back to life and control humans. Despite people finding protection in God and in religious artifacts, demonic possessions have been reported throughout the world. Nonbelievers suggest mental illness, whereas believers attribute this 180 degree change on the Devil and demons.

We live in a world that has generated hate. Millions of innocent people died in The Holocaust. Terrorism is on the uprise, such events causing two wars to emerge through the 00's. Then, there are dark groups meddling into the occult to open outside doors to our world. It gets worse now because there are powerful demons with supernatural powers ready to defy religion and its meaning. Nevertheless, demons are sneaky, sinister, brave and evil.

In Deliver Us From Evil, we discover that this Jungler demon clouds its identity. The priest is unable to hear his name, concealing this important revelation as protection from the exorcism ritual. Once the exorcist confronts the demon with a name, this evil entity is thus weakened and is vulnerable to be exorcised out of the possessed. Imagine a possessed person under the control of multiple demons and the Devil in the flesh?  We now have a multiple demonic possession case.

Anneliese Michel is a German girl who suffered from multiple demonic possession. Her demonic spirits were exposed, each of them having a truthful backstory. To enhance this possession, the Devil reveals himself as the superior authority. It is Anneliese Michel, a sweet young girl, who must succumb under these insidious spirits. In the end, it is believed that she died in the final hour with peace. She accepted her death, contributing this choice from a visitation of the Virgin Mary. Lose the demons and Devil and live a normal life, or defend humanity against the evil it does not see and needs to desperately understand. The world is an evil place filled with demonic spirits, where this original evil or manifested hate can be hidden in ancient subtext, derived from darker times and released through portals opened up by vulnerable and/or evil people wanting revenge. These demonic entities exhibit supernatural powers; they are capable of destroying the host and jumping into another nearby human.

Imagine how Jungler hid inside of these bodies. Though there is no history of this Jungler demon in demonology and in The Demon Bible, this demonic spirit is manufactured into a message left behind to avenge the death of many people. In Iraq, this war on terrorism resulted in the death of millions of Iraq soldiers and thousands of American soldiers. As we see, hundreds of human skulls are placed in front of Latin inscriptions clouding a wall. When this message is viewed with the passing of bats, this seizes the souls of those exposed to its evil.

Demonic possession is real. It exists in all walks of life. People act on the voices they hear. There is a hidden agenda to recruit new members to this evil movement. We identify these people as Devil worshippers, those who pay homage to the Devil himself. Possessed people are invaded by their vulnerabilities, especially the hate they allow to manifest in their souls. It is like an infectious disease attacking the organs and spreading through every crevice of tissue inside the human body.

The Devil knows our fears. It is Him who defies God. He recruits his demon followers to infect humans. Under his control, these humans are capable of hurting their loved ones. Cinematically, the Jungler can jump from one body to another. However, the source of its possession remains inside the main host. Santino is possessed by the Jungler. This Jungler demon ordered Santino to infect his living followers. They carried out his commands to ultimately take lives.

Deliver Us From Evil tells us that believing in the good in life can overshadow the evil. It is always good vs. evil. We must be mentally strong to push evil away. The voices are that of the Devil trying to convince us that evil is the right way. It is never the right way. All that hate within your mind must stop. No matter how badly this person and/or group, even an organization, have affected your well-being, let it stop right now. This is the hate that manifests into revenge. Through this injustice, the hate rots away the core until all moral values are thrown out.

Sgt. Sargie's movie character killed a guilty man. This sick man deserved to be punished. In this scene, the guilty couldn't defend himself from the rage and anger this pedophile generated in his mind. He wanted this man dead, so he pummeled his face over and over again until his brain hemorrhaged. He died.

Sgt. Sargie's movie character kept this pain concealed inside. The hate disrupted his family, job and his moral values. The inclusion of the Jungler demon forced him to use his natural gift to do good. But, Sargie required a ritual cleansing of his most hurtful sin to be liberated. Sargie came to terms with his pain to confront the demon without allowing his weakness to empower the Jungler. By then, Mendoza and Sarchie have no idea who this demon actually is. Sarchie is the only person with the gift to identify the demon and give his name to the Priest.

What is your name Demon? Tell me your name. The following is something I would like to hear in a movie. "Your sins against God are no longer welcome on this Earth. You must be sent back to the Hell you came from. What is your name Demon?!" Say your name now!" You foolish Priest. You hide behind your God. You fear me. For I am... Now Sarchie hears "Jungler" a few times. The Priest asks Sarchie what name did he say? What did he say to you? Jungler! Its Jungler!! The Priest commands the Jungler to leave his host. You must leave now. In the name of God, you will vanish now."

Deliver Us From Evil saves us from making mistakes. We don't need to get even with our enemies. Our true enemies are demons and the Devil. It is the misguided who make us develop grudges. We must let grudges, hate and anger leave us now. We can no longer waste our talents on trying to settle a score. For it is the demon, the servant of the Devil who will lose the battle against humanity.

Deliver Us From Evil balances out good and evil. For every good, we have an evil. Demonic possession is a test to believe and have faith in God. He is always here to guide you, even during your darker times. You may not understand why you continue to fail at life. You may want to own the best that life has to offer. You may want to be good looking. You may want to be rich. You may want to get the perfect match in life. Things may never go your way. It is about realizing what you have in life is great. You thank God every single day for breathing the fresh air, seeing the miracles of life in nature, and for eating a meal.

Demonic possession in this exorcism movie tells us that there is evil out there that can break any balance and that we must be strong. Sargie lost his faith. The Jungler's possessed army enabled him to investigate the source of this evil and to return the faith he lost as a kid. Without the Priest absolving Sarchie of his sin against a guilty pedophile, then the Jungler could use this pain to hurt him. The demon is enormously strong and can twist the truth. It is the truth the demon uses as a weapon to weaken the onlookers. He knows how to turn people against each other. We must fight the evil in this world with our strong, passionate, and moral hearts.

The End.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Jungler demon in Deliver Us From Evil movie

Jungler is a demon who possessed an American soldier in Iraq. This demon operates like most demonic spirits; it convinces its victims to carry out insidious acts.

Jungler makes its first appearance in Deliver Us From Evil. The demonic entity mutilates the bodies it occupies. Its evil is capable of possessing vulnerable humans who may have allowed internal pain to manifest.

Jungler is a powerful demonic spirit. It empowers the possessed to speak Latin. The possessed display clairvoyant abilities, which is shown in the true story accounts of Sgt. Sarchie.

Watch out for the Jungler. This demon hides behind human souls, tricking outsiders into believing the beast has been casted out during an exorcism ritual.

For the most part, Jungler is a fake name given to this demon for theatrical enjoyment. It is in no way a demon name found in the Demon Bible, in The Bible, and is not a common demon with known ties to previous possession cases. Deliver Us From Evil movie is loosely based on a collaboration of Sarchie's cases. Nevertheless, Sarchie's book is sparsely used in this movie.

Traditional Hollywood cinematic appeal is set into motion to create this creepy, spooky atmosphere in which a demon is on the loose in New York City creating havoc. There is no real case of an exact demon named Jungler. Don't take our word that Jungler doesn't exist. He hasn't been involved in any past exorcism cases, whether these are movie-related or real life. The Jungler never possessed any American soldiers in Iraq, nor has this demonic entity broken any windows out.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Last Exorcism Part II opens in movie theaters today

The Last Exorcism Part II movie is a sequel to The Last Exorcism box office hit. In this new exorcism movie, we move past the chilling The Last Exorcism ending to enter another shocking exorcism story.  We reflect upon the events in The Last Exorcism.

Nell shows up in a new town. She loses her memory. Thus, she has no recollection of her demonic possession. The demon Abalam and his followers are searching for Nell. In the Last Exorcism 2 trailer, Abalam is out to possess Nell again. Will she escape? There are more Abalam to worry about?

Watch The Last Exorcism in a movie theater near you to discoed the fear. Beware of Abalam!   

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Abalam in The Last Exorcism Part II

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Abalam is returning to the silver screen again to scare exorcism movie fans in The Last Exorcism Part II movie. This demon known as the King of Hill is so menacing that he will kill any person who disrupts his insidious plan.

Abalam shows possessed people no mercy. The King of Hell will remind Nell she is under his control,  as a piece of the Devil lives within her. There is no stopping Abalam.

Watch The Last Exorcism Part II to see Abalam in action. His deadly agenda is to take back what belongs to him - sweet, innocent Nell.